Email marketing trends to keep up with in 2020

On par with social media, email has proven to be a powerful marketing tool that significantly shaped the e-commerce in the last decade. Email helps you build your customer database, converts your target audience into your loyal clients, and brings you revenue. Email marketing strategies as we know them now have been shaped by years and continue to be shaped as consumer behaviors and needs change. As we are stepping into the third decade, we have highlighted five email marketing trends that are on the rise in 2020 and will anchor for years to come.


Much underestimated but so important in the email marketing routine, personalization will be the key in email marketing in 2020 and onwards. No matter if you send your email to a large audience or if you are targeting a specific group of people, every person in your email list wants to feel like their specific needs are being addressed. And personalization is not just about adding your customer’s name in the subject line. You must invest in profound research, find out who your customer is, what they like, how they interact with your emails. All this information will help you tailor your email to that specific customer’s needs while at the same time targeting a number of prospects. According to Olga Mykhoparkina, chief marketing officer at Chanty, “hyper-personalization” is the future of email marketing in 2020 and the years to follow. No matter how refined your email is, there is always space for making it even better.

2. Simplified content

Since users more and more opt for mobile devices to browse from, the need for optimizing the written content is growing too. According to Campaign Monitor, an adult pays attention to one task for about 8 seconds which amplifies, even more, the battle for the user’s attention. Along with that comes the tendency to read emails on the go, which triggers the need for concise copy and clear design. In the times of ever-evolving email marketing trends, users are looking for simpler email design and a short message, as simpler email design is easy to consume, is faster digested, and in the end, prompts users to act. If you make your point quickly and concisely, you can benefit from higher engagement rates.

3. Mobile-optimized content

With the world being online 24/7 these days, mobile browsing has now exceeded desktop browsing in terms of percentage traffic, and as such, the mobile’s percentage revenue has increased by 23% year-on-year. This is a signal for email marketers to make their product not only desktop but also mobile and tablet friendly. Now that emails can be viewed across so many different devices, marketers should be taking the time to guarantee that their emails are rendering across every device type. It’s all about making the customers happy and satisfied with the product they use.

Source: Hatchbuck

4. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in email marketing is confidently gaining the momentum. With its core aspects — big data and machine learning — AI is replacing traditional marketing processes with automation. It is hard to overestimate the benefits of AI in email marketing. With AI, you can analyze the data generated from your audience’s behaviors to personalize your emails and send your customers only the most relevant content. By identifying the behaviors and events that lead your customers to interact with your emails, AI helps you to increase your clickthrough rate. AI helps analyze your customers’ engagement history allowing you to send more emails to customers who are more likely to engage with your content and slow down on those, who are unlikely to respond to you. AI is a powerful tool in email marketing analytics. AI will certainly not be able to replace human creativity and critical thinking, but it will make your marketing workflow more efficient by optimizing and automating it.

5. Email API

An integrated email API is another trend in email marketing. API, or application programming interface, gives applications access to the functionality available in an email platform, such as generating and sending transactional emails, manipulating templates, and enabling access to email metrics. In other words, it is a feature that enables automation of many email marketing processes. API is used in sending bulk or routine emails like notifications, password reset emails, and mass marketing campaigns. It is also used as a powerful statistics tool in analyzing how people interacted with the emails and in what way, enabling further optimization of the communications. Many businesses these days recognized the benefits and the value email API can bring into their workflow. It also plays a crucial role in email validation processes.

Having an integrated email API allows you to screen out fake emails before they can get into your email list. This is an invaluable feature for businesses that strive to work with potential prospects only, staying away from “pseudo” customers. If you haven’t given an email API a try, you should now, as this trend is on the rise and is accelerating. Out of many email API providers we single out Mailcheck. Mailcheck is an email validation service that offers a built-in API integration feature that validates emails even before they get into your customer database. This feature is vital as it ensures a good sender score and email reputation.

2020 has already brought us a lot of innovations in terms of how we must organize and at times re-organize our business workflow and interact with our customers. Trends have a tendency to change year-to-year, but some trends become long-term and instead of fading out they are only being perfected and reinforced.





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